In Progress…

Begin Again (The Walking Dead)

An outside force kidnaps Rick within inches of his death and drags him into the past, where he has the chance to save his family. If he obeys the rules. Needs some editing.

Brooklyn Court (Marvel/MCU)

(Still Plotting) It started with a Working Girl beat up by her Pimp who asked Steve and Bucky for help because everyone else would turn her away. It started with prostitutes, then there were Halfsies, magic in their blood and nowhere to go, and then the refugees from Germany who got to New York and didn’t know what to do. They all needed help. Which is how Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes created the most terrifying, and merciful, gang in Manhattan; and how a little magic went a long way to making sure they were still around when the Kings came back. 

Shared History (The Walking Dead)

The Distance Between You & Me (Person of Interest/Stargate)

Currently getting a facelift. 

Dead Men Tell No Lies (Star Trek/Stargate)

Currently waiting for a facelift.

The List is a list (ooh you figured it out!) of ‘goals’, if you like, that as a writer I would like to accomplish. Go ahead, feast your eyes:


1. Stargate:

Primarily Danny/Jack

2. Stargate Atlantis:

Primarily John/Rodney

3. Star Trek:


Sorta fulfilled with Dead Men Tell No Lies (the reason I’m having so much trouble with DMTNL is because I wrote what I thought was the kids’ story from their parents’ perspectives, only to go back and realize that the real story in DMTNL is the parents; and to be honest I don’t really know what to do with that.) 

4. Yu Yu Hakusho/Rurouni Kenshin

Picture on the Mantel -complete

Rough outline for Stains on the Soul both of which deal with the reincarnation of Kenshin’s soul into the Yu Yu world.

5. Inuyasha:

I’d like to do a couple Inuyasha. At least one good Kagome/Sesshomaru piece.

6. Person of Interest:

A Fix-It for Carter’s death, which is my Nov ’14 Rough Trade, called The Distance Between You and Me

Sentinel/Guide Piece, Splinter

7. The Walking Dead:

     I completely ship Daryl/Rick (Rickyl),
    A Rickyl that also fulfills the Sentinel/Guide trope
    – Tattoed Rick/Daryl
This has been fulfilled, partly, by the work in progress Shared History. This isn’t on the website at this time, but it is on AO3, not all of it though, just the premise piece.
     – Deputy partners Rickyl, where Rick was assigned to mentor the rough new deputy on the force (Daryl). Rick softens Daryl’s edges, Daryl gives Rick a couple edges
     – Rickyl apocalypse but different beginning, perhaps under military gaze Rick (still an officer) & Daryl (now a white collar) hide that they’ve got darkness in them.
     – I like the idea of a western AU for the Walking Dead. Rick’ll be the Sheriff, whose wife is sleeping with his ‘best friend’. Daryl’s the mountain man dragged west by his brother, Merle, a confederate veteran with one arm, because he’s running from a bad group. The Governor is the the mayor. Greene family farms.  Glenn was pulled West by the railroad company. Sasha, her husband Bob, and her brother Tyreese run the local dinner.
                              And bad things happen.
  – I don’t know how I feel about this one, but maybe a scifi type dystopia? Almost like the movie Gattaca  in premise, advanced world totes the party line about equality but there really exists a chasm between the two castes, the Modified, those with modified or perfected genomes, and the Naturals, or those who’ve never had the changes.
8. Sentinel/Guide Trope
     There is no fandom that would react badly to getting a little Sentinel thrown in.
     No Worry for the Dead (TWD) (Semi-permanent hiatus)
9. The Chronicles of Riddick
    At least one good well-thought-out Vaako/Riddick fic
Playing with the idea of a Necro-Furian culture, Unholy Union
   – possible Riddick/Stargate Atlantis
   – playing with 50 ways to divorce your wife (Necro Style) which is inspired/a play off of the community on AO3 – 50 way to kill Dame Vaako, a little spoof, a little humor. Mine will be more like 50 ways to get Riddick and Vaako together, so there you go.
So I finally went with The Necro Fairy Tales classic myths, legends, and fairy tales that are turned upside down, and inside out, on itself. There are thirteen at present I think. It’ll be fun. If I ever get to them.
10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    One fic detailing an AU “Halloween” Episode, – More Than Costumes (Complete & on AO3)
    At least one fic detailing an AU “The Pack” episode,
                – Fur Coat, I’m thinking between 15k and 30k words on Xander as a Polar Bear Primal
                – Unnamed FicLong series where Xander takes on the traits of a Goshawk.
11. James Bond
     00Q – I’ve got nothing more than that, the Dystopia 1 tag
13. Leverage
There is nothing better than a plot so good the bad guy implicates himself to the police, and just so happens to carry the evidence with him. A Hacker, A Hitter, A Grifter, A Thief, and a Mastermind. Honestly, they could take over the world and the world would thank them for it.
– How would everything change if Nate had managed to save his son?
                 – Complete: Worth of a Son
– What would the Leverage team do if they knew the end of the world was nigh? (2012 xover)
– Leverage International
14. Twilight
I haven’t read anything really good in this fandom in a long time. Most of me has already left this fandom, but I linger like most.
– The process of grieving. Bella needs to realize that she was manipulated by the Cullens into being dependent on them. Sam needs to be allowed to grieve for everything he lost when he was chosen as Pack Alpha. Imprint story, but in a different way. The Heart of the Wolf, this one is super complicated and I don’t know if it will ever get out.
– Unbeknownst to the Cullens, Bella has a collection (and obsession) over paraphernalia used by a particular figure of the Confederate Army. Bella has researched and reviewed everything there is to know about the Confederate Army’s most promising and best strategist. The only thing she doesn’t know about him, is that he’s sitting right next to her. The Other Man
– Red Flags, because let’s be honest. Edward Cullen throws up all sorts of red flags to anyone who’s read a flyer on abuse. 
15. True Blood
– I’ve started playing with an idea for a Sookie/Godric piece that’s a do-over for either books or tv show where Sookie isn’t suck an idiot! Maybe play up a few of her other characteristics, and make her less of a contradiction. Not A Bystander

2 thoughts on “In Progress…”

  1. Thank you. This day was actually turned around because I came across your Rough Trade story and just had to see your site. *Squeaks happily* I love your story ideas! And what I’ve read of your actual stories. Rofl your Twilight premise is awesome. I love Jasper/Bella and just imagining what she could do as a reaction has my stomach cramping from laughter.
    In all seriousness meet your newest… Internet stalker? I think that’s what I would be… Have a great week!


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