I started writing fanfiction in 2014. The more I wrote, the better I understood writing and the more my writing changed. I spend quite a bit of time now, reading and researching not just the subject matter of my writing but also how writing works and how I can make it better. Today, my writing only looks a little similar to my earliest works and my process for writing is completely different than it was in the past. I can only imagine how much it will change in the future. Feel free to comment and ask questions, I enjoy interacting and bouncing ideas off of others.


Cover of More Than Costumes

Title: More Than Costumes

Warnings: PTSD, Violence, Blood & Gore, Child Neglect & Abuse

Fandom(s): Marvel- MCU/Buffy: the Vampire Slayer

Tag: Episode 2:6 Halloween (Different Costumes AU)

Summary: There is one night a year when you don’t have to be yourself. Instead, you can wear whatever face you want.

For two teens in one mystic hellhole, that single night they look in the mirror and recognize the mask more than the face underneath might have more repercussions than they’re prepared for.

Best of all? The slayer’s got the night off.


Cover picture for Picture on the Mantel

Title: Picture On the Mantel

Fandom(s): Yu Yu Hakusho/Rurouni Kenshin

Summary: Kurama and Hiei have a bet. If Kurama tells his mother the truth than Hiei will have to tell Yukina, that she’s his sister. There’s just one little hiccup, they’re not the only two keeping secrets.


Cover for Worth of a Son

Title: Worth of a Son

Warnings: Mention of Child Neglect, Mention of Terminal Illness, Extortion, Criminal Behavior

Fandom: Leverage

Summary: Sam was worth everything. There was nothing Nathan Ford would not do to save his son.

Including blackmail Ian Blackpoole.



Cover for His Father's Footsteps

Title: His Father’s Footsteps

Warnings: child abuse, dubious consent (leaning towards non-consensual), domestic violence, canon-typical violence for Stargate or Star Trek

Fandom(s): Stargate Franchise/ Star Trek

Summary: George Kirk, from the Sheppard Clan, was willing to give his life to save his family, but what if he had another alternative? One that

Amanda Greyson had suffered much for the child she called her son, and there wasn’t much she wouldn’t do for her son. Including divorce her husband.

With these changes, how do Spock and James grow up? Especially if they were to grow up together?

Edit Note: This is the Original Story posted on Rough Trade in April 2014. I am currently in the rewrite and editing stage (10/2/14) but the story is changing a bit and for those who enjoyed the story, or wish to enjoy rereading it while waiting for the chapters for the new stories.


cover picture for Splinter

Title: Splinter

Fandom(s): Person of Interest, Sentinel Trope

Relationship: Harold Finch/John Reese

Summary: While John was out doing what he did best, kneecapping violent suspects, following kidnappers, and getting justice for their latest number, Harold was kidnaped. Someone had bypassed all of John’s defenses, slid in through the minuscule gap between cameras, and past an extremely protective guard dog to kidnap Reese’s Guide from their safe space.

They were going to bitterly regret that.


Cover for DBY&M

Title: Distance Between You & Me

Fandom(s): Person of Interest/Stargate

Relationship: John Reese/Joss Carter

Summary: Joss Carter has never been good at toeing the party line, probably why she and John get along so well. So when a Navy Chaplain delivers the news of her cousin Aiden Ford’s death and informs her of the pending treason charges, there was no way Joss wasn’t going to kick the anthill. She just didn’t intend to catch the attention of the Trust while she was at.

The Trust had a smooth operation.  Identify those citizens associated with ATA gene carriers of Stargate Command, people no one would even know were missing, and proceed with experimentation. They just hadn’t counted on Joss Carter.

In Edit: 

Cover for Begin Again


Title: Begin Again

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Summary: An outside force kidnaps Rick within inches of his death and drags him into the past, where he has the chance to save his family. If he obeys the rules.



Evil Author Day:

In celebration of International Fanworks Day, I posted several pieces of what I was working on. No promises that it would be finished, ever. For expediency’s sake, the EAD pieces have shortened blurbs.



Title: Law 2 Themselves Fandom(s): Leverage/2012 Summary: They made this big to do about saving the government. Saved leaders and thinkers and specialists, seemed to forget that it was a government for the people, by the people. Boston didn’t want their government.

Title: How Corrupt? Fandom(s): Harry Potter & Sentinel/Guide Trope Summary: How utterly corrupt does a society need to be for Sentinels and Guides to abandon it? (Supposedly 5 times Harry met the Tannerson-Hale Sentinel/Guide pair, and 5 times it changed his perspective on the Wizarding World). 

Title: No Worry For The Dead Fandom(s): The Walking Dead & Sentinel/Guide Trope Summary: Rick Grimes comes online as a Sentinel just days before the dead get up and walk. Now, there might be a few obstacles in his way, but come hell or high water, he’s going after his son.

Title: Distance Between You & Me *Note: See description under ‘In Edit’. 

Title: Begin Again *Note: See description under ‘In Edit’. 

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