Journal #14

This is cross-posted on a page under “In Progress”, but I figured it was a good idea to post this in the writing blog as well.

The first step to developing next month’s goals is to evaluate last month’s:
1. 18k (4.5k a week) words in Begin Again
I only added 10k words to Begin Again.
2. 3k words in Splinter
As of (9/26) I’d added 2343 words to Splinter.
 a) at least end out the story
 I didn’t end the story. 
 b) re-plot? (~4hrs)
 After reading through what I had, I decided that it didn’t actually need re-plotting. 
 I did add two or three scenes.
3. Rework Breathing Fire (~6hrs work)
 I think I worked a whole hour on Breathing Fire since September started. 
This was the portion of the objectives designed to give me a break from Begin Again.
4. General reading list (30hrs)
Yeah, this didn’t happen. Maybe got two or three hours? 
5. Create/Research for Brooklyn Court (~5hrs)
 This happened. Quite a lot actually. Met this goal. Done!
6. 2nd plot for “Bred for War”
 As of 9/26, I had a vague outline waiting for a more thorough detailing.

* Let’s get ready for October:
October is prep for NANOWRIMO, my favorite annual activity, so I think this month will be different.
1. Prep for NANOWRIMO.
 a) Set up: Character Sketches
 b) Set up: Character arcs
 c) Set up: Plotlines
 d) Set up: Scene List
 e) Read through research
2. Trope Bingo. I don’t actually have a Dreamwidth, so I’m not playing, but I thought it would be fun to see how well I could do. It gives me something else to play with while I prep for November. I will be following the directions/rules for the actual game.

Journal #14

I might as well repeat journal #13 because it’s the same message: not a lot done.

It all boils down to a single scene. The interrogation scene.

Yeah, Begin Again has an interrogation scene, and I’ve never written one of those before.  I tripped and stumbled through it and to be quite honest- I don’t think it came out particularly well. But that’s what editing is for. The scene had to be written before I could decide how to fix it.

Now that the interrogation is handled I can move on with the rest of the missing scenes. I only have a handful left. It’s going to be exciting, sitting back and knowing that the story is finished, just needs editing.

Journal #13

So, I made zero progress this past week. Alright, so not quite zero progress, but I’ve been battling a nasty migraine for most of the week and it was hard enough to attend class and go to work. Writing just wasn’t going to happen.

I’m thinking about trading in my weekend to catch up on writing, I was seriously hoping to finish this second draft before October.

Ps. I’m pretty committed to working on “Brooklyn Court” for Nano this November, but it still needs a lot of work.

Journal #12

I have this delightful little thing called Breathing Fire, you can find a substantial chunk of it on AO3, that I wanted to work on this month. I’d even dedicated my Thursdays to it. Is it happening? Not at all.

So I think I’m going to play with something else.


Have I introduced God & Country?

This story was started several months ago after I read BakenandEggs’ series Tony DiNozzo, Undercover Marine. My number one guilty pleasure in the NCIS fandom is competent DiNozzo. And I fell head over heels for this fic and wanted to write something like it.

God & Country is an NCIS/Stargate crossover fanfiction. Basically, instead of Vance sending DiNozzo to the Seahawk he gets borrowed by Stargate Command to root out spies.

Tony slipped his gun and badge into his waist band and his shoes on his feet. Nothing, absolutely nothing good ever came from someone knocking on his door after midnight. The majority of his nightmares were the result of his work at NCIS. Major Crime Response Teams with as high a closure rate as the one he worked for did not get pleasant Sunday stroll cases. He woke up most nights still fighting to breathe.

“Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS.” A Marine stood at attention on his welcome mat. “Your presence is requested, sir.”

“By who?”

“I’m not at liberty to say, sir.”

Most civilians couldn’t pull off impersonating a Marine. Fact. The ones who did succeed were inevitably caught, usually the first time they caught the attention of a real Marine. There wasn’t one thing that he could put his finger on and say whether or not the man at his door was, in fact, a Marine. But Tony had worked day in – day out, and sometimes through the night with a retired Marine. He had seen members of the Corps in all states; shaken, shocked, furiously angry, bitterly jealous, frightened and sick. Gut instinct said this man was the real deal.

“Got any ID, Marine?” There were some good fakes in the world, but Tony was pretty sure that this wasn’t one of them. Everything from the words to the construction looked and felt authentic. He took a risk. “Come on in, I should at least put some real clothes on.”

Journal #11

Haha! I have succeeded in not only chipping away at Begin Again each day this week, but I have met the daily word count goal as well! Ta Da! It is possible!

And I have to admit that I am progressing rather nicely through the last few sections still to be written for the story. It still needs massive edits for continuity issues, of which there ended up being a lot because I reorganized the entire story about six months ago, but it feels really good to have the end of the final draft in sight.

I now have to go do things like homework. Not as much fun, let’s get real.

Journal #10

So as of Friday, there were 651 new words in Splinter. Which I have to say is a great encouragement, because it means that I might actually accomplish some of my goals for September. Very Awesome.

I was pretty productive today, had some lag time at work, so I am only 164 words away from my daily goal! So great, yay!

Let’s hope that it stays that way.

P.S. wanted to acknowledge the fact that I had some views this past week which is pretty great too. I hope you found something that entertained you.