New Stuff

So, for the few and far between who come here, check it out: new stuff!

The list page has been updated and several completed projects have been added.

Also, Evil Author Day has a section on the site, with last year’s contributions. This year’s can be read on AO3.




I’m ALIVE!!!!

I’d apologize for not realizing this thing got dropped for several months, but I don’t actually have any followers so…


Rough Trade has been updated with The Distance Between You & Me and since it’s just around the corner, the prep work and summary stuff should go up fairly soon for Timeless, which is my April Rough Trade for the Jupiter Ascending fandom.

Dead Men Don’t Tell Lies has a new chapter on AO3, not here though; this cite only has the original. Didn’t even know I did that.

Those with the password to the Walking Dead section will find new material, huzzah!

Hopefully, since I’m starting a vacation I’ll be able to really write. Let’s see, my goals you ask? I want to do the next part in DBY&M, NWD, and start mapping Timeless. If that doesn’t work out, we may see more work with 00Q (perhaps it’ll even get a title) and The Picture on the Mantel.

October 13th

I’ve posted “Darker Than Night”, which is a Harry Potter story. It deals with a reunification of the wizarding world because Voldemorte is insane and invites demons into the world.

I’ve also posted a Bond Fandom story about a dystopia where James Bond ends up under the patronage of Q, who is the youngest Holmes.

I probably didn’t entice anyone to read these. Which is unfortunate.


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