I call myself Firefly and eventually I might be inclined to write up the stupid story about the ‘formal’ pseudonym on AO3 and FF.net and how I detest going by it. But for now, I call myself Firefly, the author name is EygptianFireFly. (How awful I know)

I’m a Twenty-something with no life, a lot of goals and a computer. I read more fanfiction than is healthy, write more than gets published, and I don’t have a life. How awesome.

Each story is one I have in the works-ish. Rough Trades will be marked, originals and rewrites. I’m posting all of my fan-writing on this site, so if you like something and I’m not currently working on it, comment on it. I have too many plot-bunnies, school work, and plans for world domination, to work on each story. Hopefully though as I finish a story and move on to the next, either fixing and re-posting or starting from fresh, I’ll eventually get to the good ones.

In case you didn’t know, Rough Trade is a wonderful writing exercise, hosted by Keira Marcos, designed to imitate the National Novel Writing Month but for Fanfiction and in a haven that allows positive feedback. I love it, even when I fail the challenge, to write 50,000 words as part of a cohesive story in 30 days, it allows me to grow as a writer and learn from other writers.

These following stories were Rough Trade projects:

His Father’s Footsteps                                                                         April 2014

The Distance Between You & Me                                                     November 2014


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