Journal #5 – Motivation

Here’s an undeniable truth: sometimes writing isn’t fun. It’s the foundation for the reason Begin Again has taken so long to finish.

I find that the #1 way to combat ‘writing isn’t fun’ is to reward yourself. In my case, if I write a thousand new words, at least half of them will suck, but it means that I can write a thousand words in a project that I’m enjoying more. Or maybe I won’t write anymore at all.

For all the cliches that authors have been telling budding writers for years, it actually is that simple.

  1. Find a way to reward yourself.
  2. Write every day.
  3. The majority of what you write will suck. You just need to continue writing.

Yesterday, I wrote about a thousand words that I know suck. I might only keep 500 words of it. Now, today I might write a thousand more words, hopefully, better than yesterday, but the point is to just keep going. Not to give up.

In the last post, I talked about how I weighed my desire to finish the story as more than the frustration of writing it. That major motivation keeps me writing even when I don’t know what to say.

Alternative resources for helping write every day include:

  1. Writeometer – an app that helps keep track of and remind you to write.
  2. Fighter’s Block – a game that pits your word count against a monster. The closer you get to your goal, the closer to vanquishing the monster. Unfortunately, there’s no fireworks or anything when you win. I was a bit disappointed.

Ps. no clue what I’m going to write about next. Any suggestions?


Author: EFF

There's not much to say. I read. I write. I attend class. I battle dragons.

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