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I started a new phase in my writing life, probably about a year ago. I wasn’t happy with what I was writing and how it was going, so I went back to the one thing I do exceptionally well. I researched.

I researched. And I researched some more.

Then I started over.

Welcome to “Something Witty”, the ongoing writing journal of a frustrated fan-writer without a life and too much stress.

July 1st marks the beginning of Camp NANOWRIMO. I will be journaling about the process here on “Something Witty” the entire month. Trying to use the process I’ve developed from research to enhance and focus my writing.

P.S. If you read the entire month you may find spoilers for upcoming stories. Just in case that’s something you like.


Author: EFF

There's not much to say. I read. I write. I attend class. I battle dragons.

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